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Easy add-ons to put the word of God into daily life...

As biblical wives and mothers we want to support our husband's spiritual leadership by reinforcing the passage that Dad is teaching throughout the day with the kids. This is a buffet of easy resources designed to reinforce concepts that can fit right into what you are already doing with the kids during the day.

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Complete digital access to all By the Book products, memorization resources and curriculum...

Unlimited access to all updated BtB memorization resources:

  • Basic Mnemonic tracks

  • ‘Looping’ version

  • ‘Audio’ version

  • ‘Visual’ version

  • ‘Dance’ version

  • ‘Echo’ version

  • ‘Slow/Speed’ version

  • ‘Blooper’ version

  • ‘Karaoke’ version

  • ‘Relax’ version

Unlimited access to all updated BtB curriculum & products:

  • Full pdf resource collection

  • Coloring pages pdf

  • Life-application story books pdf

  • Illustrated scripture books pdf

  • Craft/Activities pdf

  • Copywork pdf

  • Vocabulary page pdf

  • Worksheet pdf

  • Sheet music pdf

  • Supporting lesson videos

  • Life-application story videos

  • Visual illustration videos

  • Princess exposition video

  • ‘Schmo toon’ life-application video

Unlimited access to all available passages: (currently including)

  • James (all 5 chapters)

  • 1 John (all 5 chapters)

  • Malachi (all 4 chapters)

  • Matthew (chapter 5-7)

  • Various other passages

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