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Just add this 'schmideo' to your lunch, & you'll have it memorized in no time!

Sample 'loop' Schmideo:
play this 'schmideo' each day & you'll find the passage getting stuck in your head in no time!
Where we are...

At this point hopefully you are totally enthusiastic about memorizing our God's powerful word in context & doing it to music

...if you missed that boat...

But practically how do you do that?

Great question; you're in the right place...

Let me introduce you to what we call a 'schmideo'

As you know by now, the backbone of our memory strategy is the power of playful catchy songs designed to be listened to over and over. Sometimes we have videos to go with them to get visual learning as well. These videos are designed to be watched (or listened to) on repeat for the purpose of memory. Since these videos are so charmingly odd, we decided to give them a more creative name; hence the schmideo was born. 

James 1:1-4 sample 'schmideo'

There's a bunch of playful 'schmideo' iterations to re-enforce memory

Sample 'Echo' Schmideo:
Sample 'blooper' Schmideo:
Sample 'karaoke' Schmideo:

And so many more!

As child-ish as it may seem...these playful, charmingly odd tracks are extremely powerful weapons to get entire books of His word into long-term memory.

By the Book partners gain access to hundreds of schmideos and iterations for various passages as memorization tools.

But God didn't design us to just memorize, we we need to know what it means too!

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, 

- James 1

That’s why we have a wide selection resources to support families and churches as they teach the word

Video and print resources easily available for comprehension & life-application

Coloring Pages
Life-Application Story Books
Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 12.36.04 PM.png
Teaching Videos
Sheet Music

And so much more!

BtB partners gain access to hundreds of verse-by-verse resources to support your family as you memorize and study through entire books of the Word 

About the Web/App:

Simply select the passage you want to memorize...


Push play to start memorizing!

Just add this 'schmideo schmunch'  to your lunch each day and you'll have it memorized in no time!


You'll notice that this column selects the passage...


And this column selects what the kind of resource… it memorization or other supporting resources.

A good place to start is with the 'loop version' to get those phrases down!

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