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Kit includes:


Family Introduction Packet:   

 - "What is By the Book?" explanation booklet  

 - A letter from a Dad to a Dad   

 - A letter from a Mom to a Mom


Dad’s Leadership Guide:   

Either Fathers will train and lead their family, or the world will. God’s calling, and a Father’s primary ministry, is to lead his wife and children, seeking to present them complete in Christ. This guide is intended to form a direction for Dads to lead a daily Family Worship that unites the family Biblically around memorizing this book of the Bible.


Mom’s Supporting Resources:        

- Mom’s Supporting Resource Catalog: 

Easy add-ons to integrate verse by verse scripture into daily life that support what your husband is teaching in family worship. (put some extra coloring pages in the back seat; add some word-for-word sillustrated scripture story books to the shelf...etc) Biblical discipleship can’t just happen for an hour a day, it happens life on life, when every situation is turned into a teaching moment, every ‘normal’ activity is bathed in scripture, and every correction is directly from scripture. This is a catalog of creative resources for Mom and kids to enjoy in between family worship times to support Dad’s leadership by putting the verses he taught on into memory and practice.   

- Treasure Chest and Memory Jewels:

Children sometimes have a hard time internalizing abstract concepts without something visual to associate it with. Each time your family memorizes another section of God’s Word, you can put a jewel in the chest. This represents the true treasure that your dad is giving you when he leads you in memorizing and understanding books of the Bible... plus, treasure is a fun external motivation to look forward to!   

- By the Book App and CD:

Do you still remember all the words to that annoying TV jingle, or that song you haven’t sung in over 20 years? Whether you can play 9 instruments or can’t carry a tune in a bucket, God designed music such that your brain only has to remember one word and the rest comes in a big string, allowing the things we memorize to song to go straight to long-term memory. This app has James chapter 1 (and many other chapters) put to song so that your family can remember God’s word word-perfect for years to come, as well as many other resources to support your family in the process. Also included is a CD for car-time memorizing.

James 1 Family Memory Kit

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$69.99Sale Price
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