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Intern at By the Book

When: Jun-Aug 2022

Location: Arlington, WA

Room and board provided

By the Book Internship: Summer 2022

God creates so many different kinds of people. Some He creates as artist, musicians, dancers, gardeners, others with mathematically minded brains, software development skills, and others with skills that God is still revealing.

Unfortunately in this culture, there are few places where we can use our skillset to make a powerful eternal impact.


Many college students and graduates are striving to find places where they can directly use their skills, talents and education to powerfully impact Christ's kingdom. 

That's what God has given By the Book: A place where people get to use the skills our God has given us to directly empower people to memorize entire books of His word; be that through software development, creative arts, or a supporting role.


Areas of Study:

Creative Internship: Sadly, in this day and age it is so difficult to find a job in the creative world where you can excel without compromising the moral standard God has set for us. Not only is By the Book a beautiful creative work environment where you don’t have to worry about compromising morals, but a creative space where using that artistic creativity actually forwards His kingdom by directly enabling people to memorize entire books of God's word ridiculously effectively through the creative arts. 

This internship is for creatives who have passion, and self motivation to use their skills to glorify God. It's designed for those who crave creative freedom and would love a support chain of resources, finances and structure so that they have the freedom and ability to organize, assign, and chase after an idea, project, vision, or skillset that they would like to pursue that aligns with the mission of By the Book.

Interns will work together with mentors and the team to come up with a personalized goal, task or vision that would be most impactful for believers and the best fit for their skillset. Then interns will have the freedom to pursue that project in whatever creative way they and God would like to proceed with the back bone support provided by the rest of the By the Book team. 


Software Internship: This internship is for software developers who love Christ's Word and want to be a part of creating an application that will internationally unite the body of Christ around memorizing entire books of the Bible effectively and efficiently.


Interns will work together with mentors and the team to come up with a personalized goal, task or vision that would be most impactful for believers and the best fit for their skillset. This may include debugging existing applications, working on a new application, or web development.


Supporting Internship: This internship is for those who aren't specifically in creative arts or software developers but who still love Christ's word and want to be a part of forwarding His kingdom through book memorization. This is for those who either have an entirely different skillset or people who are unsure where God is calling them and want to explore. 


Interns will work together with mentors and the team to come up with a personalized goal, task or vision that would be most impactful for believers and the best fit for their skillset. By the Book will create a role that best fits the intern and will help them have a wonderful God-glorifying educational experience in a variety of different fields they would be interested in exploring. 

About the Internship:

Environment: Located on 30 beautiful acres of Memory Land with a 100ft waterfall, acres of Washington State forests, towering caves, beautiful fields, a creative workshop, a wood shop, a film studio, a sound design station, good food, and Bible-loving faces. All of this creates an intensely beautiful powerhouse for God's word with a family of believers untied on a mission to continue to empower His people to know Him by memorizing entire books of His word. The environment is fast-paced, joyful, self driven, God-led, flexible, family oriented, and rewarding to see the direct impact and results of His Word. 


Daily life:

This internship is built for those who are bought in physically, mentally, academically and spiritually to Christ and His word. There will be intense prayer and Bible study averaging 3 hours a day; meals shared with fellow workers, and a freedom of schedule determined by the individual intern. 



Passionate about Christ and His Word

Loves Christ with all heart soul mind and strength

Self-motivated, diligent worker

Loves creativity, beauty, and flexibility

Called to use skills to glorify Him.


if you feel God is leading you to work with us, let us know through the application what skillset you have, and we will prayerfully start the interview process.

Past Skillsets:

  • Music Composition

  • Audio Engineering

  • Graphic Design

  • Curriculum Development

  • Illustration

  • Software Development

  • UI/UX Design

  • Animation

  • Digital Media

  • Video Production

  • Creative directing

  • Cinematography

  • Post production editing

  • Social Media

  • Business/Marketing

"I have a lot more creative freedom here than I do with other companies. So many experiences I did not anticipate having coming into an internship. It was a lot of hard work, but really fun work." 

- Creative Director/Business Intern (entrepreneurship major Grove City College)

"I always felt like I am a little puzzle piece in a bigger puzzle scheme...It's very fulfilling to know that you're not just doing things that won't make a change, but the things that you do each and every day will have an impact."

- Graphic Design Intern (Illustration major Dallas Baptist University)

"Early in the mornings we would go out and pray together...not just in 15 minutes in the morning, but an hour of prayer, and an hour of studying the Bible, and then even more later in the day. That is a good start to make sure I have that sizable block of time that's there to get right with God."

- Web Development Intern (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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