Family Memory Camp 2022!

When: Thurs Jul 21 - Mon Jul 25

Location: Arlington, WA

Family Memory Camp: Summer 2022

Family Memory Camp 2022 registration is open: Make a new family tradition centered around the Word of God. https://www.bythebookthebible.com/fmc 


When: Thurs Jul 21 - Mon Jul 25

Location: Arlington, WA

Family Memory Camp is a refreshing family of Bible-loving believers all united around the joyful task of memorizing entire chapters of God's word! Get to know Christ and strengthen family relationships through memorizing Malachi chapter 1 together in a week! There will be canoeing, hiking, Bible exposition, Memory Princesses, crossbows, treasure hunts, building, splashing in the waterfall, bunnies, princesses and so much more - All done for the purpose of glorifying our great God by memorizing His Word! 

Theres a large field where families can set up tents or bring camping trailers. In addition, there are indoor beds for expecting mothers or other 'non-camper’ types.

There is a recommended donation of $250 per family in order to cover the cost of camp, however, we’re here to get the Bible in as many hearts as we can, so if that cost would be a burden to your family we still will love to have you at camp anyway!

Contact me (Rose) at rose@bythebookthebible.com if you have more questions.


Biblical themes in Malachi we’ll be learning about:

- The holiness and fear of Yahweh versus the triviality of man

- Work ethic/motivation; Are we more motivated by man’s praise than Yahweh's command? Do we sometimes give God our 2nd best effort in all that we do? 

- Why Yahweh doesn’t always answer our prayers

- Attitude of joy in obeying Yahweh

- Attitudes of generosity and arrogance

- Yahweh’s love for His people Israel & Messianic prophesies

- Blessings for obedience, curses for disobedience

Preparation for Camp

We’ve noticed in the past that when we do anything that is just intense Bible, there’s a lot of spiritual warfare going on, so I thought I'd share some things that I have been praying for you guys - and my hope is that you can pray for these things together as a family so you and your kids are prepped and ready glorify our Great God!


1. That we don’t just have fun;-) Between all the amazing activities different families are hosting and all the other fun activities God’s given us, there’s a real danger that we will have the most FUN week of the summer; and prize that above the real joy that comes from having (as John puts it) ’fellowship with the Father…that our joy may be complete.’ I pray that we don’t just have fun, but that we get to know our God and realize the power of what we really are doing as we put an entire chapter of God’s Word into long-term memory.


2. Holy Spirit uses His Word: I pray that the Holy Spirit will use the powerful word of Malachi 1 to penetrate the hearts and minds of both our kids and us as adults & parents - that we become doers of the word and not hearers only; deceiving ourselves. That we are able to apply this verse to real life situations and can help our kids see opportunities where this verse can happen in their real every day lives at camp and at home. 


3. Strengthens families: Since God designed parents as the primary educators & best friends of the kids, the whole camp is structured in a very family-unit oriented way where we celebrate your wonderful family and your beautiful place in that family. Pray that this can be a wonderful way for spouses to grow and deepen relationships with each other and with their kids, all centered around Christ’s word - and whether the kids memorize faster or the parents memorize faster, pray that we all can humbly learn and grow together ;-)


4. God-glorifying: That we will be safe and protected in the great outdoors, that the teaching can be clear and accurate, and that families leave encouraged and inspired to 'make memory land' wherever they are; so that memorizing and applying God’s Word is a continued part of family life; and that in it all, our God will be made to look as amazing as He truly is!