Glorifying God by empowering every day believers to memorize entire books of God's word

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By the Book

Glorifying God by empowering ordinary people to know Christ through memorizing entire books of the Bible

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Family Memory Day!

Oct 9th 9:00am -7:00pm

Let's glorify God together by memorizing the first 6 verses of 1 John chapter 2 as a family! Let's kick off this school year's adventure through the book of 1 John in real Memory Land!

 Schmudgin is a beautiful virtual space for children to memorize entire books of God's Word. Half of the activities help you memorize the other half help you understand what it means!


Entire books? That sounds impossible!


Memorizing entire books and chapters of God's word sounds rather daunting...Check out what beta tester Janelle Heaston has to say about memorizing chapters  and books of Gods' word with By the Book...


The Proof is in the Pudding...

How do we do it?

We don't edit anything out or dumb anything down. In this ever increasing worldly culture, it is essential to train our children in His loving, convicting, life-altering Word. 

Just. Pure. Bible.

Play games, create art, watch Scripture; no matter what, you will be memorizing! Our carefully designed curriculum is safe, self sufficient, and add-free. 

Complete Online Curriculum

God made joy!

Earn memory power, win memory jewels, engage with memory friends because God made fun, so let's have fun to His glory!

Why memorize if you don't know what it means! We exposit Scripture through the language of real life stories and play. We address complex topics in a way that children can understand. 

Applies to Real Life

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but there's more than just Schmudgin...

Check out some of the new fun crazy things God has been doing with By the Book and how He gave us real Memory Land & a new global vision!

The Two-Part Program:



The online world for kids to explore activities, games, and videos that help reinforce memorization through music. 


Memory Mondays...

Weekly personal calls where we individually connect with families/children, have fun reciting, and relating the verse to real life!


Powered by skilled volunteer believers 

By the Book is a company completely powered by skilled volunteer believers who love their God and His Word. We serve man with our brain, why not serve God with our brain too? We use our technical abilities to create beautiful products not only to serve our fellow believers, but also as a powerful testimony to the outside world of how we love our God so much that we will use our excellence to spread His powerful Word.