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Put a book of the Bible in your child's heart!

Instead of putting books of Scripture into peoples hands; God has called us to put 

books of the Bible into people's hearts.

I'm rose, called to serve families 

I would not be a Christian today had my mom not taught me to memorize chapters of scripture. Ever since her death, God has called me to use my creative gifts to serve the body of Christ by helping families memorize not just verses, but books of scripture! By the Book's calling is to serve as a tool to get books of scripture understood and stuck in your head through music! I would love to connect and am always excited to see how God blesses abundantly when we meditate and study His Word.


memorize By the Book!

We don't edit anything out or dumb anything down. In this ever increasing worldly culture, it is essential to train our children in His loving, convicting, life-altering Word. 

Just. Pure. Bible.

Play games, create art, watch scripture; no matter what, you will be memorizing! Our carefully designed curriculum is safe, self sufficient and add-free. 

complete online curriculum

let's have fun!

Earn memory power, win memory jewels, engage with memory friends because God made fun, so let's have fun!

Why memorize if you don't know what it means! We exposit scripture through the language of real life stories and play. We address complex topics in a way that children can understand. 

applies to real life


but Does it really work?

I mean a whole book sounds kind of daunting...Check out what Janelle has to say about memorizing books and chapters with By the Book.


Proof is in the pudding

the two-part program:


Memory Land...

The online world for kids to explore activities, games, and videos that help reinforce memory. 


Memory Mondays...

Weekly personal calls where we individually connect with families/children, have fun reciting, and relating the verse to real life!

You gonna try it yet?

(It's a free trial... you're just a name & email away!)



"[The] interpretation of the exceptionally insightful and yet simple,  speaking to the heart. My children are living proof"


I memorized all the verses accidentally... I didn't try at all - I just accidentally memorized it!


I love hearing the girls sing the memory verses randomly through out the day, I would even join in with them!


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