"Let the word of christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs."

- Colossians 3:16

why it works

One of the things that makes By the Book so effective is that BTB curriculum covers all four learning types (auditory-musical, spacial, linguistic, or kinesthetic). All Children are created uniquely. No two children are created the same, and that's why we provide so many materials. It's very customizable so as parents, you can have the power to choose what material will work best for your child.

As the our Schmos continue to explore the online By the Book world, they come across games, crafts, books, and other videos that go in depth with the meaning of the verses they are memorizing. The more they memorize and play, the more Memory power they earn! With memory power, children can earn Memory jewels- both online and to have sent to their homes. The beautiful and exciting BTB world keeps our little Schmos memorizing the Bible- which is the better than any treasure this world can offer!

The beautiful thing about By the Book is that it's very fun, it's very engaging, and it doesn't compromise the truth- the Word

of God.

Jannel Heasten, BTB Mom


Studies show that visual learners make up more than half of the population. Learning through pictures, charts, or graphics is a pretty big deal. Lots of the learning that goes on when a child works with BTB content is visual learning. From our bright, fun-filled music videos, to Joe Schmo videos which give commentary to what the Bible means- there's lots to look at when you learn with By the Book. 


Reading and writing runs deep in our culture today and so much communication and learning is done through these two activities. At By the Book, we know that many of our Schmo's are still learning how to read and write, which is why our written content is made simple enough for children to understand, without compromising the Biblical meaning. BTB curriculum includes books, vocabulary lists, and nearly all of our content has some written explanation for children to enjoy. 


Playing is the job of children. When children play they have the opportunity to have problems, to learn, to grow, and to explore the world around them in safe ways. What's even better than all these great reasons children should be playing is that playing is fun! At BTB we strongly believe that God is the creator of fun, which is why we try to pack our content full of fun and games for children to play. 

Most of our games aren't video based either. This means your child will be exploring, jumping, creating, and wanting you to play with them and help them as they memorize. 


BTB's dynamic curriculum is based off of music- it's extra sticky to the brain as we on the BTB team like to say. As children listen and play, these soundtracks play over and over again until the tune and those words are easier to remember than what they had for breakfast. 

About our Team


Rose is the founder and owner of By the Book. Her love for God and His Word sparked her interest in Bible memory at a young age. During her teenage years, Rose was a witness to the power behind Bible memorization when her mother Diana developed brain cancer. Although Diana could hardly speak, she eagerly pursued Bible memory through song. After the passing of her mom, Rose decided to dedicate her various talents and gifts into starting a Bible memory company- By the Book. 


Catherine serves as the creative director here at By the Book. As creative director, Catherine manages the Biblical accuracy of By the Book content and uses her God-given creativity to make our By the Book content special.

Internship Staff

Here's the BTB 2020 summer internship staff. It takes a lot of work to produce so much content, but thanks to the hard work of BTB summer staff, content for fall of 2020 is on it's way! These wonderful interns studied, designed, animated, danced, acted, built our BTB website, and so much more! 

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