Teach your kids methodically throuh an entire book of the Bible, helping them apply and understand scripture in context through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning approaches. 

James 4 Complete Curriculum

  • The James 2 curriculum helps enable parents to teach their children methodically throuh scriptrue for the purpose of glorifying God though memorizing and understanding His word. 



    Module 1: James 1:1-4 Trials

    Module 2: James 1:5-11 Wisdom

    Module 3: James 1:12-18 Temptation

    Module 4: James 1:19-25 Doers

    Module 5: James 1:26-27 Religious


    Each Module includes: 

    1. Family Discussion Page (expositionally based scripture teaching)

    2. Set of Coloring Pages (reinforces concept for visual learners)

    3. Activy/Craft (reinforces concept for kinesthetic learners)

    4. Life Application Prompt 

    5. Pop-up book (word-for-word scripture illustrated as a book)

    6. Book mark (with simple definitions)

    7. Song track on the CD