The life of Trail: Trail tries skydiving

Usually bunnies are known for digging under fences. Not this bunny. Why dig under fences when you could simply skydive over them?

I was just filming in Memory town one morning when I found little Trail hopping around my feet. I wondered how in the world did she get out of her cage?

I plopped her back in and what do you know, she got out again. Then I watched and saw how...

Thats how. :-) So in order to prevent unwanted escapes, my dad built her this cage...

Then guess what...

One ambitious bunny!

So we've learned that Trail will happily skydive off of any and every object we put in her path!

The reason we have these bunnies is so we can memorize scripture in context and understand what it means. We are in this phase between James chapter 1 and James 2. So I thought I'd just go over an over view and some main points in James 2, before we dive into the 'worms eye view' (as my hero, Pastor John MacArthur puts it :-) )

Purpose of James:

James is a series of tests of living faith to see if you are truly saved. Most good church going, church volunteering, maybe even leaders and teachers in evangelical churches who say that they are "Christins" likely have not come to a true saving faith in Jesus Christ. "On that day many will say to me Lord, Lord, did we many mighty works in your name?"(Matt7) This was said to the most religious and "good" "righteous" people out there the Scribes and Pharisees. This has been an issue all the way back in the church that James was heading in Jerusalem. In my study of this book, God has totally convicted and transformed my heart, and I pray that it will for you too.

Summary of James 2:

James 2:1-7 Partiality

The short version: James warns the church not give special honor to the rich - a lot of God's kingdom will be made up of people who this world sees as poor.

James 2:8-13 The Law

The short version: It was easy for James' church to think that partiality is such a small sin, (I mean getting those rich in the church could fund their entire ministry!) James explains how if you break God's law - no matter how small a sin - you are still guilty according to God's perfect standard.

James 2:14-19 Dead Faith

The short version: James here shows how works are a test of living faith. If someone claimed that they loved someone, but didn't help them when they were in need, you would question if they really loved that person. In the same way if we claim to love Christ and consistently don't do what he likes (don't do good works) we might question if we really have been saved.

James 2:20-26 Faith and Works

The short version: Here James gives us two examples of people who showed that they had living faith by their works Rahab, and Abraham.

Have fun memorizing!

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