The Life of Trail: Trail's got a new friend!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Trail has been having so much fun dancing in the Schmideos lately, Miss Catherine and I thought it would be fun celebrate James 1 by getting her a new little bunny friend! Meet Dale: Dale Doe Memory!

Dale's First Day on the Job:

Well, instead of starting the work day with a morning tea... start with a morning bunny! Dale has become well acquainted with my schmug. New place to call home.

After his morning chill in the schmug, no wasting time for this little fellow - he jumped right in to By the Book bunny duties! Already helping out with a Princesses schmideo.

Dale looks like he and Miss Catherine will be great co-workers. They are already collaborating artistically and working together singing James!

Bunny Bopping to Country Music

And how's trail doing? Trail actually just had her first solo in the last two verses of James 1:26-27 (Memory mission #5 "Religious.") Trail is on her way to becoming a professional bunny dancer!

Well, the reason we have bunnies and all this fun stuff is so that we can memorize the Bible, and also understand what it means. So let's see what the video that Trail is helping us memorize really means.

Test of Living Faith: is your religion real or pretend?

In this culture it is easy to just think that since I "prayed a prayer" or "walked an aisle" when I was a kid, that means that I'm sealed for heaven and never have to think about it again. Which is true to some degree - it is true that once we are saved nothing can ever take that away (or else it wouldn't be eternal life!) However, Matthew 7 warns us that "On that day many will say to me 'Lord Lord' did we may mighty works in your name. Then I will declare to them 'I never knew you!'"

On judgment day MANY who said that they were Christians - maybe even most people who say they are Christians - actually don't know Christ, and aren't headed for heaven! That's a sad and scary reality, but that is the whole point of the book of James! James is a series of tests of living faith, so we can test ourselves and see if we have real or false religion. This verse shows us that if we are truly saved we will have a bridled tongue, we will help those in need, and be unstained from the world! Because what we say, what we do, and our relationship with the world shows what is really in our heart.

Now does that mean that as Christians we never make mistakes? No! When we as Christians sin, we will be so sad about our sin, and repentant! That means we won't form a pattern of sin. It won't be a pattern to have a wild tongue, it won't be a pattern to not care for people, and it wont be a pattern of going along with what ever the world is crazy about. Jo Schmo explains this really well in Memory Mission #4 (you can find it by clicking on the Blue House under James 1:26-27)

Great Job - Keep it up!

Keep up the good memorizing and a big congratulations to those who have memorized the whole first Chapter of James! Great Job! Keep listening to the schmideos over and over again, and always remember that God's word is a priceless treasure.

God Bless!

Miss Rose

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