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2021 we're gathering a group of believers who are interested in memorizing the whole book of James...

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 By the Book is powered solely by volunteers and our education programs. Want to get another book out, or make what we have more excellent?

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By the book is powered solely by believers coming together pooling their talents and interests toward one goal: to equip fellow Bible-lovers with God's infallible truth. 

By the book is made by believers for believers so if you have any skills that you are willing to use to build up the body of Christ please go here.

By the book is powered by aspiring and a professional artists and programmers, eager share their skills to equip believers with God's infallible truth. Weather it be music composition, video production, or programing, let's partner to spread God's word!

by the book is powered soley by communities and volunteers around the world developing bible memorization material for thier own cultures an communities. 

Equipping Christians with Christ's infallible word