Frequently Faced Challenges:

Spiritual Attack

Biblical Dads leading their families are at the top of Satan’s hit list. Inevitably, if you schedule Family Worship time for 7:30 each morning, your great aunt Ruth is going to fly in at 7:30am the first day, your boss is going to reschedule tomorrows meeting for 7:30 the next day, and the day after that just as you sit down, your youngest is going to fall off her chair and make a bloody crying mess. How do we counter this? Number one, pray. He who is with us is greater than he who is in the world. And number two, as much as is make an advanced decision of what you’ll do when those situations arise. Will you reschedule? Push through? Tell them you’re booked that time? Prayerfully run through these situations ahead of time so the decision has been made before the problem comes up.

I Can't Memorize:

We’ve heard countless people say this, but each time, they are stunned with the power of music. Do you still remember all the words to that jingle you haven’t heard in 25 years? That’s because God designed music to connect words in one string that goes into long term memory, so our brain only has to remember one word and the rest just flows. For more info on this, turn to the Mom’s Book, page 2. One of our friends memorized the whole book of Ephesians; half rote memory, but the other half to music. 4 years later without reviewing hardly at all, she can still recite the music half of Ephesians word perfect. The other half? Only general concepts and a phrase here and there. Thats the way God wired us to be. Even if it takes longer to memorize or dashes your pride to listen to a 20 minute jingle, you’ll never forget it. Check out the about page for more information on this.

I have really little kids:

Our youngest friend to memorize the book of James was two and a half. Your little ones might be able to pick up more than you think. But its always a struggle to keep them engaged. Thats what the Mom’s book and the back page of the Family Worship notes are for. In family worship time, maybe try adding a coloring page or a time dancing to the verse. Also, we’ve noticed that little ones really imitate their Mom in Family Worship time. If the Mom is leaning forward, listening intently, and asking questions, the kids are likely to follow suit. And lastly, don’t feel pressured to make Family Worship a certain length. 5 min. might be all you need to start, and as they grow, Family Worship can grow too. When they’re young they’re ‘too young to memorize’. When they’re in school they’re ‘too busy to memorize’ and by the time they have time again, they’re ‘too old to memorize’. No need for excuses - you can do it!

I have older kids who are 'too cool':

No one is too cool for Yahweh’s eternal Word, but we need to convince them that. First off, don’t be afraid to be honest and genuine. Theres no need to talk about the Bible like an over-hyped preschool helper. They know whether you’re genuine or putting on a show. Secondly, they will be too old for a lot of resources in here, and that’s okay. This curriculum is designed to be flexible; perhaps all you guys need is the Family Worship time and the music tracks. Next, be memorizing with them. If they hear that you’re listening to the quirky music in between meetings at work, they’ll be more motivated to do it at home. Lastly, that’s part of the goal of Memory Land. Here at Memory Land we have lots of teens who love it and they forge swords, go hiking and shoot crossbows while memorizing - and no one is too cool for that!

I am a single parent:

We do want to recognize that there are many families who don’t have a Mom or a Dad in the picture, and books like this are sometimes a painful reminder of that gap. Although God gave specific roles to Mom and Dad, He also always provides a way to be obedient to Him even in unideal situations. In the Mom’s Book and the Dad’s Book each we have a page devoted to this question with more information for single parents. Ultimately, God is our perfect Father, and when we seek to lead our family in His Word with a full heart and a clean concise, He will direct our steps.  

But they won't understand the words:

That’s why God created Dads. Dads are the spiritual protector and provider for the family, and God’s called us to help support you in that role. The goal of this curriculum is to take the words of God and the meaning of the word of God, bind them together with God’s glue (the father’s teaching) and implanting that combination in our hearts and our family’s hearts so they can never forget it (even if they try). Music is what keeps the words stuck in our heads forever, but it is the Dad’s leading of Family Worship each day that adheres the meaning and application of the passage to those words as they enter the heart. “Jingles” have a bad rap, but done correctly it is a tool given to us by God that can be used in a way that is both honoring to the passage and memorable to the mind. The Dad’s book is made by dads for dads in order to provide direction and guidance as you lead your family in understanding as well as memorizing these words.

Why is Jesus a stick figure?

Why is Jesus a stick figure? And who is the guy with the swirly eyeballs? We use the 'Schmo family' cartoons to represent any average family, showing that any family can memorize, understand and apply books of God’s Word! Jo schmo is a silly pretend cartoon that teaches us nice things about life and God. But Jesus is not silly or pretend or here to teach us nice things about life and God . And we never want the two to be confused in our illustrations. Thats why when we represent Jesus (or historical Biblical figures) we simply put a stick figure as a representation on top of a real picture of Israel. That way we maintain the holiness and honor that Yahweh deserves.

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I've never done something like this before:

Studying ahead of time, leading a daily family worship time, and memorizing a book of the Bible can all be a bit intimidating. We want you to know that God is before you and all of heaven is behind you. But on a practical standpoint, here are some more resources that might guide and encourage you as you begin to win this war!

- “The Godly Home Series” video series by Denny Kenaston

- “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” book by Tedd Tripp

- Every family’s worship will look very different, but here is an example of a Family Worship recorded by a By the Book family in order to help give a frame of reference to new dads.